World-First-Solo-Kill Hasabel: Paladin Rextroy besiegt den Boss alleine

Immer wieder vollbringen einzelne Spieler besondere Leistungen und besiegen nach viel Arbeit sogar aktuelle Bosse alleine. Nun hat es Portalwächterin Hasabel erwischt. Im Normal Modus von Antorus ist es dem Paladin Rextroy gelungen den Boss nach über 60 Versuchen und rund zwei Wochen gelungen ihn zu besiegen.

Er hat ihn als Schutz-Paladin mit einem Item-Level von 962 und einem Artefakt-Waffen-Level von 79 besiegt. Er selbst sagt zum Kampf folgendes:

[su_box title=”Rextroy”]Important stats:

Leech (I had 10%): Imporant for survival!

Crit (With trinket I had 30%): Crit increases our parry, which leads to more Avenger Shield procs and auto hits.


I will share the tactics I used, and tips I found out / theorycrafted while trying. If you are even more geared than I was, and have the Legendary Leggings, then you could skip phase 4 and 5.

Phase 1: Aggroing NPCS

First things first, don’t forget any of your consumables and to repair your gear. Aggro all the NPCs and move to the boss with them. You are able to use your defensives on this phase, since you won’t need any during the earlier stages of the fight. Don’t attack any of the larger NPCs, you want them to survive as long as possible for your Last Defender.

Have the NPCs face you and stand close to the corner.

Also give the Riftworld Assistants time to summon a large amount of NPCs. The NPCs summoned despawn after awhile however.

Phase 2: 100-30% boss HP

Start with Drums and all CDs when you aggro the boss. ALWAYS keep an eye on the three riftworld assistants, refreshing healthbars is helpful. if you lose one of them you will probably not make it.

The faster you get the boss to 90% the better, since the frequency she uses Reality Tear is reduced after the first portal is opened.

Don’t let riftworld Assistants get hit by too many avenger shield

Phase 3: From 30%

After 10 minutes you want to use your drums again, along with potion. Potion could also be used in beginning for dmg.

At 30% the last portal opens, to Nathrezar. You will now have a reduction in damage done by 1% every 3 seconds. Also 3 different NPCs using unstable portal. Survival can actually be tough here. This dmg reduction reduces your survival aswell. Because our damage increase our leech / bulwark. You want to use Spellwarding right before Avenging Wrath. It will be ready again during the berserk phase.

This is also the time I reposition myself closer to a portal. So you are quickly able to get into it for next phase.

Phase 4: Reality Tear

This is the most painful phase.
The boss stacks up a debuff on you, that deals a lot of damage. You will need to get rid of it before berserk.

It is completely RNG to be able to get rid of it. You need to be lucky with boss choosing to prioritize other spells over her Reality Tear (which leads to it falling off). She usually refreshes the debuff when it is 4-7 seconds remaining. You want to Divine Shield and head through the portal when the debuff is at 8-9 seconds remaining. You can choose to do it at 7 seconds remaining, less chance of success tho!

Now you need to be lucky she casts other spells, Catastrophic Implosions etc. And choose not to reapply the debuff.

After Divine Shield expires, you will take a lot of dmg on the way back.

BEFORE you divine shield / go through the portal you want to use 3 shield of the righteous in a row (start at the 11 sec mark).

During Divine Shield, make sure you heal yourself to full.

When Divine Shield is 1-2 seconds remaining, pop Ardent Defender, Guardian of Ancient Kings and interrupt Vulcanars Unstable Portal.

Phase 5: Berserk

If you made it through phase 4, you have almost made it. Now it is just a fight against the clock.

The one most important thing that you must use wisely is blessing of Spellwarding. It comes off CD now and you can use it to completely clear the dmg reduc debuff. The later you use spellwarding, the better. If you use it too early, the reality tear debuff + dmg reduc stacks will be too much in the end.

Ardent Defender is thankfully a short CD and will be ready to be used here. Also rotation your active defensives (shield of the righteous / hand of the protector) is key to surviving.