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Knights of the Fallen Empire ist ein voller Erfolg – Neuer Content in Arbeit


Im offiziellen Forum hat Producer Ben Irving sich zum Stand von SWTOR geäußert. In seinem offenen Brief listet er noch einmal auf, was man alles an Content und Änderungen seit und mit Knights of the Fallen Empire veröffentlicht hat. Gerade die ganzen Überarbeitungen der Flashpoints und Operations, sowie der Level-Erfahrung von Stufe 1 bis 60 wird dabei hervorgehoben.

Er sagt auch, dass er den Frust der Spieler versteht und das nicht alles nach Plan gelaufen ist. Auch Bioware musste sich an den monatlichen Rhythmus der Veröffentlichungen der Kapitel gewöhnen. Dennoch kann er uns sagen, dass man nun mit der Design-Phase für Content außerhalb der Kapitel begonnen hat und später im Jahr darüber sprechen wird. Auf uns warten wirklich tolle neue Features laut Ben.

Natürlich sitzen die Story-Schreiber auch schon an der zweiten Staffel für SWTOR. SWTOR erhält von EA, Disney und Lucasfilm weiter volle Unterstützung. Knights of the Fallen Empire ist die erfolgreichste Erweiterung, die Bioware bisher veröffentlicht hat. Darüber ist man natürlich sehr glücklich.

Also allen negativen Rufen in den offiziellen Foren zum Trotz geht es SWTOR sehr gut. KotFE war ein voller Erfolg und Bioware scheint damit auf dem richtigen Weg. Auch wir fanden und finden KotFE sehr gut. Einzig, dass der Multiplayer-Part so kurz gekommen ist, ist für uns störend. Aber da liegt unsere Hoffnung nun auf den Features, die in diesem Jahr noch vorgestellt werden sollen.

Schön zu hören, dass es aber SWTOR gut geht.

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Hi there!

My name is Ben Irving, Producer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don’t often make posts in the forums, in fact, this may be my first ever post. Despite that, our whole team, myself included try to digest all of the internet for SWTOR information – The forums, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Recently there have been questions and concerns around the quality of our releases and the ongoing support for SWTOR and I wanted to stop by to address those concerns.

First off, I want to apologize for some of the issues you have experienced in the last couple of months. The monthly chapter release schedule is new and it has come with some unexpected bugs. It has caused problems for some of you and I want to say I am sorry. At our core, the SWTOR team are all gamers, just like you. We empathize with the excitement of wanting to play a great game only to be blocked by a problem. We spend all of our energy striving to make SWTOR the best game possible and when bugs and other issues get in the way of your player experience, we take it to heart. We are committed to doing better and I think Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark shows we are serious about listening to your concerns and making meaningful changes to address them – a high quality chapter, released on time that we hope has met the expectations of our players.

Onto the future. Is SWTOR going to receive ongoing support? The answer is absolutely yes.

It’s worth starting with the things we have already announced, we talk about them on the monthly Producer Live Stream but I think they are still worth mentioning. We had the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire – 9 incredible story driven chapters, 14 companion recruitment missions, Star Fortress, 5 new player levels, 30 flashpoints upgraded to be challenging again, 50 operation bosses upgraded to be challenging again, too many heroic quests to count, a revamp of the 1-60 levelling experience and a huge number of quality of life improvements. More recently we have kicked off our monthly chapter cadence and our third installment – Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark – was just released. That cadence will take us through most of the year ending with Chapter XVI, our story finale for Knights of the Fallen Empire. In addition to all the monthly chapters we have built great supporting content – Recruitment missions to explore the galaxy with some of your favorite companions, the Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone, the Rishi Cove Arena, the Eternal Championship and new levels for crafting. That’s actually more content following a major expansion than we have ever released and the team is really excited for all of you to play it.

The harder part to address, because you have to take my word for it, are all the features and content we are working on that we haven’t yet announced. If you follow Charles Boyd or Paul Marino on social media you may have seen some hints of this. The team recently visited our MoCap studio to create new animations. Charles Boyd spent a week at our VO studio recording more lines of dialogue for future story content. The two most exciting things to share are that our writers are deep into the plot summaries for the next season’s worth of chapters and we have started the early design phase for new, non-chapter, content. You all know the drill here, I can’t talk about any of the specifics (yet) but what I can say is that we have some REALLY cool stuff to talk about later this year and the whole SWTOR team can’t wait to announce it. Soon. TM.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is the most successful expansion we have ever produced. It received critical acclaim from press and fan sites but most importantly, it has been successful because all of you have supported us through the expansion launch and the release of the monthly Chapters. In the eyes of all of our partners, SWTOR is a huge success. BioWare supports this game. EA supports this game. Lucasfilm supports this game. Disney supports this game. In fact, for a game that has been live for almost 5 years, we are receiving an incredible amount of support from all of our partners. It’s both amazing and humbling.

If there is anything I would like people reading this to take away it’s this: SWTOR is absolutely being supported into the future. We have a lot of content coming over the next few months and even more exciting things to talk about later this year. All of us here at BioWare appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

It’s because of you, our players, that this game continues to thrive. Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ben Irving

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