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Offizielles Statement zur Droprate der Legendary


Community Manager Aerythlea hat sich im offiziellen Forum zur Droprate der Legendary geäußert. Zu Beginn von WoW Legion hatte man für das erste Legendary die größte Chance es zu bekommen. Beim zweiten wurde die Chance (mit Ausnahme der Zeit als es den Fehler gab) schon deutlich verringert, beim dritten noch mehr usw. Doch seit dem hat man die Chance ein Legendary zu bekommen immer weiter erhöht.

Mit WoW Patch 7.1.5 hat man nun auch die Droprate der zweiten, dritten, vierten usw. Legendary angepasst. Noch immer habt ihr die größte Dropchance beim ersten Legendary. Doch auch für das zweite Legendary gibt es einen recht hohen Bonus, sodass diese Dropchance immer noch sehr hoch ist. Beim dritten Legendary ist eure Chance nun allerdings genau so groß wie beim vierten, fünften, sechsten usw.

Nach dem zweiten Legendary habt ihr immer die gleiche Chance ein weiteres zu bekommen. Somit ist die Chance ein Legendary zu bekommen, vermutlich deutlich besser als ihr bisher dachtet. Blizzard erhöht die Dropchancen nach und nach, da man sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, dass Spieler irgendwann während Legion ihre Legendary je nach Situation wechseln können sollen.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The rate at which players acquire Legendary items is a subject that we’ve kept a very close eye on since the launch of Legion. We’ve generally tried to avoid getting into too much technical detail on the system behind your chance to get a Legendary, but we would like to say a bit more on what we’ve done behind-the-scenes up to this point.

As many players have figured out, changes were made to legendary drop rates with patch 7.1 and patch 7.1.5 – when those patches went live, your chance to receive a Legendary increased in pretty much all cases. What you might not have noticed is that we’ve been steadily increasing your chances since then. One of our long-term goals is to allow you to switch specific Legendary items in and out as the situation warrants, and regularly increasing drop chances is one way of ensuring that that happens.

We’ve also made adjustments that leveled off what used to be steady decrease to your chance to get subsequent Legendaries after your first. When Legion launched, every time you earned a Legendary, your starting chance to earn your next one would be lower (and thus, the average time it took you to loot it would be longer). At this stage, however, most players in the Broken Isles are no longer hunting for their first Legendary, and many already have their second. We didn’t want you to feel as though your good fortune in the past equates to harder times in the future, so we normalized drop chances for subsequent Legendaries after your second. Right now, in Patch 7.1.5, your first Legendary has the highest drop chance, the second still has a significant bonus, and then you’ll have the same chances to earn your third Legendary as you will your fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on.

We think it’s important to get this across clearly: it currently takes the same amount of luck/effort to get your third Legendary as it takes to get your eighth. We’ve seen a few players and tools attempting to use historical data to predict their drop chances, but because of how regularly we’ve been increasing Legendary drop rates, that data is extremely outdated – and their conclusions extremely inaccurate. In short, your chance of receiving that next Legendary is probably a lot better than you think.[/box]