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WoW TBC Classic: Die “Not a Bug”-Liste – Hierbei handelt es sich nicht um Fehler


Blizzard hat die “Not a Bug”-Liste für WoW Burning Crusade Classic veröffentlicht. Dies sind gemeldete Fehler, die eigentlich keine sind.

Bereits für WoW Classic hatte Blizzard seinerzeit eine Liste veröffentlicht, bei der angebliche Fehler als korrekt dargestellt wurden. Bei all den Bugs, die Spieler melden, handelt es sich nicht immer um Fehler im Spiel. Häufig genug spielt einem die eigene Erinnerung einen Streich oder es war einem nie bewusst, dass dies so beabsichtigt war.

Bislang ist die Not a Bug-Liste für WoW TBC Classic nur auf Englisch verfügbar (via offizielles Forum). Sobald es die deutsche Version gibt, wird diese von uns nachgereicht.

Zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt ist die Liste zudem noch nicht vollständig und wird von den Entwicklern noch erweitert.

Die “Not a Bug, but a Feature”-Liste


  • The level range for experience eligibility is much more narrow in Burning Crusade than it was in WoW Classic.
    • Example: At level 60, a level 48 monster/player will no longer provide experience or honor in Burning Crusade Classic, but in WoW Classic that same target would provide experience or honor.
  • Health regeneration provided by Spirit varies by class, and is not equal between them.
  • Moving between layers takes progressively longer with each swap. This is intended to prevent exploitation.

Combat and Class Mechanics:

  • Large and small character models have slight differences in their combat reach, accurate to the original experience and distances.
    • Developers’ notes: It has been widely reported during the Burning Crusade Classic beta that Tauren have lost their “combat reach” in Arena specifically. This is not the case. While moving, Tauren may hit other Tauren through the widest point in the pillar in the Ring of Trials arena in Nagrand. This behavior is identical to the original functionality in The Burning Crusade.
  • When pets are sent to attack an enemy and that enemy enters stealth, the pet will continue to follow the stealthed unit around but will not directly attack them until the unit breaks stealth or can be seen by the pet’s owner. This is correct and matches original Burning Crusade pet behavior.
  • If a pet is in combat but the owner is not in combat, the owner can still perform actions like drinking/eating and use out of combat abilities, but is considered “in combat” when being evaluated as a valid target by abilities such as Sap.
  • Friendly dispels against hostile debuffs applied by creatures and enemy players can be resisted. This includes abilities such as Tremor Totem, and is more pronounced when using lower level or lower ranked versions of dispel abilities to remove higher level debuffs.
  • The chance to be dodged by creatures is slightly lower in Burning Crusade Classic than it was in WoW Classic.
  • Heartbeat resists are present in Burning Crusade Classic and were present throughout all of the original Burning Crusade.
  • While in a raid group, swapping players into a new party will remove party-specific buffs such as Battle Shout from the player that was moved.
  • Diminishing returns on crowd control abilities use a randomized 15-20 second window before resetting back to their full durations.


  • Heroic Presence and Inspiring Presence only display a visible buff for party members. Neither buff is reflected in the character sheet.


  • Wyvern Sting shares a diminishing return category with Freezing Trap.
  • It is possible to run quickly across a hunter trap and not trigger it.


  • Energy regeneration “tick” timers are reset when shifting into cat form.


  • Paladin Seals will not proc from Crusader Strike damage as well as several other paladin procs and abilities (including Vindication).
  • Not all Paladin Seals can be “twisted” into each other.
  • Reckoning will not proc from damage-over-time effects.


  • Cloak of Shadows cannot increase the resist chance higher than 80% against other players’ spells. The full 90% chance to resist does apply against non-player creatures.


  • Bloodthirst damage does not scale from attack power gained via Improved Berserker Stance or Unleashed Rage.
  • Initiating a charge or intercept against a focus target will cause your Auto Attack to begin against the focus target rather than your primary target.
  • The One-handed Weapon Specialization talent does not affect the damage of Thunder Clap.
  • Unused “charges” of Overpower will be lost on your primary target if an ability such as Whirlwind or Cleave is dodged by a secondary target.
    • Developers’ notes: This is somewhat strange and quirky interaction, and is a result of how Overpower was originally built. It essentially works similar to a rogues combo points in that if you generate a new overpower “point” on a new target, your current proc is lost on your primary target.


  • Arcane concentration will not proc from Blizzard damage.


  • Coefficient damage from totems and item procs does not scale with +damage to specific creature types.
    • Example: Your Searing Totem will not gain extra damage vs. demons from the Mark of the Champion trinket.
  • Chain Lightning can cause multiple procs of Lightning Overload.
  • When totems such as Windfury and Flametongue affect party members in combat, the Shaman who cast the totem is also placed in combat.


  • Prayer of Mending will proc from damage that is reflected back at the priest.
  • Damage over time effects on a priest with the Reflective Shield talent do not cause spell pushback.

Raids – Karazhan:

  • Nightbane’s Smoking Blast is doing the correct amount of damage and is being properly mitigated by armor.
  • Skeletal Ushers are immune to shackle undead.
  • The Side Entrance Door remains locked until you have completed the Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, and Opera Event encounters. No key is needed and will automatically open when you walk near it if those three encounters are complete.

Dungeons – Blood Furnace:

  • There is no speed buff after defeating the last boss and going into the exit tunnel.


  • The Cenarion War Hippogryph does not have a ground animation in the original Burning Crusade. This was added in a later expansion.
  • The Fel Lotus is a common quality item in the original Burning Crusade. It was upgraded to uncommon in a later expansion.
  • Iron Grenades will fizzle on targets that are level 50 or higher.